Even With Death There Is No Relief

By: kmarulis

Jan 29 2012

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Focal Length:31mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

It is an unfinished work in progress. The paint is still wet and I plan on adding theatrical lighting and ropes and pulleys above the stage. Below the stage I am currently adding some more miserable souls. But how did I come to such a distasteful subject as suicide? It was the vertical lines of string in a previous painting that led me to consider suicide by hanging as appropriate subject matter. I had done a painting of a female nude who was wearing on her feet a pair of checkered tennis shoes. Atop the frontal stare and wry look of her face she wore one of those propeller type beanies that the kids used to enjoy. All the while she played with two yo-yo’s , fully extended. It was the extended string line of those yo-yo’s that intrigued me and I began to think vertically which eventually brought me to the subject of suicide by rope. After all, what is it that hangs down so sure as a hanging person? All the while I had a drawing of three ghostly male nudes, arms over shoulders, in a buddy pose. These three would serve as visiting spirits to the hanging corpse. At first I was going to use the suicide of a young boy , as the news of young gay men killing themselves was in the media and the subject floated somewhere in my mind. I decided instead to consider the universal victimization of woman and the three nude males would provide a perfect sexual innuendo as metaphor. In order to set my mind to the appropriate mood, I then googled “hanging woman” and began to cry when I saw some of the images that came up. Suicide, after all, is such a lonely act, and I could not contain myself as my eyes welled up. I have one more suicide painting that I plan on doing. This will be of my friend Walter, whom I waited alone with until the guys from the morgue showed up. After that I will be done with the morbidity of it and will be on to other things. As for this painting, my wife refuses to allow it in the house.

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