By: kmarulis

Sep 10 2010

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On the right hand of God are those things which are God’s, and on the left hand of God are those things which belong to man.

While it may be supposed that an artist speaks by applying paint to the canvas, it is also true that it is the canvas that replies and makes its demands upon the which the artist must listen and take heed.

So it was with this painting of God, which challenged me to consider my beliefs and the appropriateness of my own creative actions.

True, I did defer to my experiences with Catholicism and did depict a stern, even foreboding God.

And yes, I did put my depiction of God in charge of the universe and I did relegate the empire of man to the trash heap of our existence.

But then, as a matter of course, I proceeded to paint a somewhat anatomically correct God upon whose image man was said to be created. I provided God with a penis and although I did like it’s bright orange color, I almost immediately had my misgivings.

Firstly, if we as human beings, were indeed created in God’s image, then who is it to say that the almighty one was a male.

Secondly, it would be equally impermissible and unfair to portray God as a woman.

Further, I do not think that the sole creator of the universe would have any real need to defecate or urinate and I‘d be inclined to believe, at least according to current and dominant religious thought, that there would be only one God who would exist without any inclination towards procreation. The need for any type of genitalia would be totally unnecessary and any appendage would be useful only as an adornment and nothing more.

In the end, due to my own need to provide the viewer with a balanced and colorful painting, I added four more bright orange sausages and have lived with the opinion that these five brightly colored shapes are indispensable to the final composition.

Finally, I do have a nagging fear that an unknown entity somewhere will damn me for my blatant audacity. I did at one point have a guest in my small studio who I was explaining this painting to. After we were done talking I set this painting down in it’s usual place atop some other stuff and left the room and locked the door. When I returned to my studio some days later I considered it a possible omen to find that the painting had fallen from it’s perch and had landed face down on the floor.

Now, just in case an unknown entity happens to be looking in on me and is reading these words, please note that I have capitalized all my spellings of the word “God”, and I do hold the creator with all due respect. Artistic license please.

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